Becs Wells

Becs Wells grew up in the small mountain town of Leavenworth, WA. Growing up hiking and cross-country skiing throughout the Pacific Northwest had a great influence developing Becs style, allowing her opportunities to show case her love for the outdoors. By 2014, she obtained her associated degree at Wenatchee Valley College where she furthered developed her personal style through figure drawing and landscape paintings. In 2015 she moved to Bozeman to pursue a bachelor’s degree in the Fine Arts. After working a year in construction, she decided to shift her focus to sculpture working with materials such as wood and metals. While studying in Bozeman, the opportunity to study abroad in Italy for three months arose. This once in a lifetime experience allowed her to revisit drawing and painting. Becs also studied watercolor painting for the first time while abroad. After 90 days of exploring churches, museums, archeological sites and a new culture, Becs returned with an even greater appreciation for the arts and an expanded horizon of the world. Her time in Italy also further solidified her desire to create art that brings its viewer  a joyful and happy experience. Becs will graduate from Montana State in the fall of 2019. After graduation, she will pursue a career as a full time artist. She will also continue to travel the world in pursuit to continuously influence her work.