Kevin Maston Photography – Alzheimer’s Association

A successful career in sales for Kevin Maston was the result of hard work, a natural ease with people and strong communication skills.  He believes the ability to problem solve, a good memory, attention to details, and multi-tasking were the keys to his success.  But after a serious heart attack in 2011, Kevin began to struggle with his memory, concentration, reading comprehension and recall.  Multi-tasking became virtually impossible.  Mistakes became frequent and continuing to work was counterproductive. Although it would take almost three years, including a trip to the Mayo Clinic, Kevin was finally diagnosed with Early Onset Lewy Body Dementia (a combination of various symptoms from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s). 

His professional career came to an abrupt end.  Kevin could no longer safely drive a car.  His balance and coordination were unpredictable, causing accidents and falls.  Resting tremors and unusual head movements were more common.  He couldn’t remember people he was very familiar with. He could no longer read popular fiction by his favorite authors Typical life expectancy for people with Lewy Body Dementia is about 7-10 years from onset.  Kevin was at a crossroads and with the support and encourage from family, friends, and a strong medical team, he decided to battle through the depression, uncertainty, fear and constant change that he faced daily.

Kevin remains very self-aware and is able and willing to talk to people about the effects of dementia on his life.  He feels an intense calling to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s (and related dementia’s). Selling film, cameras and photofinishing supplies for Eastman Kodak sparked a passion for photography and over the years Kevin has become accomplished at photographing weddings, wild life, sports, landscapes and street scenes.

This book is a collection of Kevin’s photography, each photo taken from the perspective of a man with dementia. KEVIN’S WAY has been a true labor of love for and 100% of the proceeds from the sales of this book will go directly to the Alzheimer’s Association.  Although it’s unlikely to be Kevin, he believes the first survivor of Alzheimer’s is out there right now.  One of Kevin’s favorite sayings is an old Chinese proverb:  The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago.  The second best time is right now.  Kevin lives with his fiancé Misti and her family in Bozeman Montana.  He is loved and supported by his parents, Frank and Glenda, his brothers Bryan and Rich, and his sons Michael and Sean.