Kimberlie Wong

Kimberlie Wong is a recent graduate of ArtCenter College of Design with a degree in illustration. Her warm and whimsical aesthetic is ispired by her home, the island of Oahu. Kimberlie’s primary medium is digital, although she loves printmaking and working with water based mediums. Kimberlie’s illustrations are inspired by everyday experiences, nature, and the kindness of people. Her main goal is to make people smile and to share a bit of optimism with the world.  Recently, her work has been featured on Illustration Age as “smile inducing” and Brown Paper Bag for her “Stylish Characters Strut Their Stuff in Fashions You’ll Want to Wear.” 
She is currently in Montana working as a freelance illustrator and developing a collaborative ceramics design studio, Two Hold Studios. Two Hold Studios will be showing their work at the MSU Fall Art Market (Nov 7-Nov 8), stop by and say hi!
For updates on what Kimberlie is up to, you can follow her on instagram @kimiewng