Miles Glynn

‘Based in Belgrade, Montana, I create photographic art which captures the scenery, settings, and wildlife which embody the evocative spirit of the natural and rural American West. Once captured, images are brought into the digital work environment to undergo a unique blend of treatment and processing. The resulting images, distinctive in style, offer a compelling account of the West as it now stands and what once stood.

My capturing of images is a mixture of technical application and impulsive on the fly shooting. While sound technique and understanding of photographic principles serve as a foundation, the emotional presentation of a subject and the vigorous pursuit of an idyllic vision serve as true catalysts. It is my aim to go beyond showing the obvious or fixating on sharpness, megapixels, saturation, and technical appropriateness. I wrestle with and manipulate images until I feel they have reached a certain level of aesthetic expression and have gone far enough beyond the conventions of common photography.

These days, through various media, we are constantly presented with extremely high quality imagery. From printed car ads to animated movies to the pictures we can edit and post from our smart phones, our lives are visually saturated with very advanced and high quality imagery. Consequently, we can become desensitized to imagery and what once impressed can become commonplace. As an artist it is my challenge to swim against and cut through those waves of images with art that is compelling, relevant, and emotionally stirring.’ – Miles Glynn