Nicki Irwin

Nicki Irwin grew up in Calgary, Alberta, traveling abroad often before moving to Bozeman Montana at age 17. Being exposed to the beauty of Europe, Mexico, Hawaii, the Canadian Rockies, etc., prompted Nicki to view the world whimsically. Being the youngest of four sisters, she has inherently adopted a child-like view of the world – believing that things should never be taken too seriously. This attitude reflects directly on her art through her bold lines, vibrant colors and generally comical subject matter. Nicki is currently living in Bozeman, enrolled in her second year of Graphic Design student at Montana State University. While Nicki discovered her love for painting in the studio classes she took as a Freshman in the Graphics program, the work she does is primarily self-taught. She uses acrylic on canvas, occasionally using odd materials such as earrings, welded metal, fabric, etc., to enhance her work dimensionally.