Stephanie Campbell

This has been a full-circle process of monumental proportions for me.  Birthed from 35 years of theatrical Character Creation Workshops I have led as an actress and a theater arts professor, and the gathering of African masks on my research and teaching assignments in Kenya, Botswana, and South Africa, I now offer my Mask Artistry creations as a visual artist. My theater mask performance work has been about calling others to self-awareness through the use of mask characterization, and that work now extends in an artistic, visual form of expression. Entwined within this process is my Shamanic practice, a communication bridging our relationship with what indigenous people call “the Great Spirit.” This practice has brought me into deeper relationship with Sacred Mystery and has influenced my current artistic explorations; it is evident in the (currently) 40 different masks I have created, in a Mask Artistry gathering entitled “Faces of the Elements.”

  • Stephanie Campbell