Wild Joe*s is Bozeman

The “Wild” in our name refers to Montana’s abundant wildlife, endless wilderness, and the wildness of heart that draws people to this rugged part of the country. Step inside Wild Joe*s and you’ll find a representative cross-section of the folks who make up this extraordinary town – MSU students, tech-entrepreneurs, astrophysicists, Olympic skiers, fly fishermen, Himalayan mountain climbers, conservationists, actors, artists, novelists, photographers, musicians, retirees… and, on rare occasion, even the occasional cowboy.

Wild Joe*s identifies as an old school coffee house. We’re inspired by the Beatnick era cafes of New York’s Greenwich Village and San Francisco’s North Beach. Here people come to read, meet face-to-face, listen to music, share the family style tables or talk politics. The century old Lovelace Building used to be home to Montana Motor Supply and The Bungalow Drug Store, a popular ice cream and soda fountain. Our space retains it’s original character, from the worn wood floors to the pressed tin ceiling. And, we’re happy to say a lot of folks tell us we make the best coffee in town.