Fall Hours

Mon-Thurs: 6:45am-7:00pm
Fri-Sat: 6:45am-9:00pm
Sunday: 7:45am-6:00pm

18. W. Main St.
Bozeman, MT



Wild Joe*s IS Bozeman

Nope. A rootin’ tootin’ cowboy named “Joe” doesn’t own the place. It’s simply slang for coffee. The “Wild” refers to our wildlife, wilderness, and the wildness of heart that draws people to this less discovered part of the country. If you’re visting, or new in town, and you want to know what Bozeman is about, just step inside our doors and you’ll see the cross-section of people who make up this remarkable place – students, conservationists, business people, ski bums, fly fishing fanatics, mountain climbers, actors, artists, writers, photographers, musicians, retirees, scientists, tech entrepreuers… and even the occasional cowboy.

Wild Joe*s is an old school coffee house. We have a lot in common with the vintage cafes of New York’s Greenwich Village and San Francisco’s North Beach. This is a place where people come to read books, meet face-to-face, listen to jazz or folk music (and occasionally garage rock or electronica), share the large tables and talk politics. Our 100 year old building retains its original character and the wood floors show the patina of hard use as the former Montana Motor Supply. While we might be called an “Artisan” house coffee if we were in Portland, we just try to make the best tasting coffee we know how.