From a perfect hand-pulled espresso shot to our variety of English teas, Wild Joe*s offers the widest and most interesting selection of coffee, espresso and tea drinks in Bozeman. Our coffee beans are custom roasted in small-batches by Red Bird Roasters and other featured local roasters.

For our milk-based coffee drinks we use premium “cream on top” whole milk from Kalispell Kreamery, a small family farm in the Flathead region of Montana. For non-dairy alternatives, we offer soy, almond, coconut, hemp, and goat’s milk for highly personalized coffee drinks.

Not in the mood for coffee? We also serve a wide variety of spiced chai, loose leaf tea from England’s Tea Pigs, a half dozen hot chocolate options, 100% fruit smoothies, frappes, shakes, Italian sodas and Japanese Matcha tea. We can even make you a genuine New York City egg cream.

Batch Brews

Our daily drip coffee offerings include

Black Bear Dark Roast Blend – a BOLD dark blend of Central/South American beans with notes of dark chocolate

Chocolate Lab Medium Roast Blend – a smooth citrusy blend of Costa Rican & Brazilian beans with notes of milk chocolate

Red Fox Decaffeinated Bend – swiss water processed decaf from Central America & Brazil

American Pika Single Origin – a rotating roast from a single country that exhibits the specific tasting notes of the region.

Single Cup Brew

Wild Joe*s selects a locally roasted single origin that exemplifies the tasting notes of that region brought out through the single cup brewing method.  Try these specialty beans on a Phoenix 70 pour over or a Trinity press


Wild Joe*s espresso is prepared by our baristas on Slayer Espresso machines, which allows for a smoother sweeter shot than most.

– Served Black –

Doppio – double espresso

Romano – double espresso served with a lemon wedge

Cubano -brown sugar double espresso 

Doppio Ditch – double espresso and 2 oz hot water

Americano – double espresso over hot water

Power Coffee – double espresso over drip coffee

– Served White –

Con Panna – whipped cream over a double espresso

Macchiato – double espresso topped with a dollop of foamed milk

Cortado – double espresso and 2oz steamed milk

Flat White – ristretto espresso and 5oz steamed milk

Paradiso – double espresso and steamed pure coconut milk

Latte – espresso and steamed milk

Cappuccino – espresso and foamed steamed milk

Cannella Miele – espresso, honey, cinnamon and steamed milk

Dark Chocolate Mocha – espresso, dark chocolate and steamed milk

Mexican Mocha – espresso, mexican chocolate and steamed milk

Bianca Mocha – espresso, white chocolate and steamed milk

Montana Honey Bee Latte – espresso, local infused honey, and steamed milk


Loose Leaf – locally blended loose leaf teas as well as Tea Pigs English Teas

Cup-O-Comfort – any of our teas topped with steamed milk

Matcha – a ceremonial green tea and steamed milk

– Chai Lattes-

Green Tea – a sweet and creamy chai and steamed milk

Authentic – american style chai and steamed milk

Rooibos – a naturally decaffeinated chai and steamed milk

Masala – balanced sweet and spicy chai and steamed milk

Tipus – locally made Indian chai and steamed milk

Bhakti – a spicy ginger chai and steamed milk


Steamer – any of our selection of flavors and steamed milk

Hot Cocoa – dark, mexican or white chocolate and steamed milk

Babyccino – foamy steamed milk

Fluffy – foamy steamed milk and chocolate


We can ice (almost) any of the drinks listed above.  Specialty iced drinks listed below.

Bee Sting – double espresso, honey, cinnamon & cream

Iced Tea – rotating selection of green, black or herbal iced teas

Purple Lady – lavender iced earl grey tea with a splash of milk

Italian Soda – any of our flavors topped with soda water

Citrus Ginger Spritzer – house made ginger infused orange and lemon concentrate over soda water

Frappe – espresso, any flavor and milk…blended

The Nanner – banana, honey and milk…blended

Smoothie – banana, four berry, strawberry, mango, pineapple

– Toddy Cold Brew –

Cold Brew – house made cold brew coffee (creamy and less acidic) cut with water or milk

Dirtbag – cold brew, chai and milk

Island Bru – cold brew and coconut water

Choddy – cold brew, chocolate and milk

Betty Palmer – cold brew and lemonade

– Wilcoxon’s Ice Cream –

Affogato – double espresso over ice cream

Milkshake – the classic